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3 May 22


Lyft drivers have a great possibility of the risk of getting into critical car accidents every single workday. The Lyft driver may end up with a disability to drive due to a limb or other body part getting amputated during the progression of driving for a rideshare company.

Amputation may be partial or total. However, in either case, it is critical, and sometimes it generates complications such as infection or shock. If you’re concerned about how amputation injuries for Lyft drivers will impact workers’ compensation benefits, you should discuss your situation with the seasoned Riverside workers’ compensation lawyers of Perris, Sun City, Corona, Temecula, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Hemet, Victor Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio Brawley.


Whether you are a careful Lyft driver or may not, you will have the possibility of finding yourself in a car accident that impacts catastrophic injuries. These catastrophic injuries can result in the loss of limbs and appendages that are costly to treat. You may have signed a contract settling that Lyft will treat you as an independent contractor. Nevertheless, there is a presumption under Riverside law that you’re an employee. The risks are high in a worker’s compensation claim. Consequently, it’s significant to recollect an attorney who comprehends these injuries and also how to establish that Lyft wrongly classified you. Lyft has an obligation to show you’re not an employee.

To justify you’re not an employee, Lyft will need to bring into prominence the aspects of the ABC test at the relevant workers’ compensation hearing. It will need to justify: (1) you were and continue to be free from its control when driving passengers, (2) driving for Lyft falls outside the customary course of business for which services are performed, and (3) you were involved in an occupation, profession, or business that was established on its own.


Through an amputation injury, you may not be able to drive again—you may be moderately or completely disabled for purposes of driving. Most amputations are unalterable. Nevertheless, there are exceptions; sometimes, a finger can be reattached. Reimbursements to which you may be entitled include permanent disability pay, reasonable and compulsory medical care along with vocational therapy.
Medical care that Lyft’s insurer may be obligated to pay includes first aid, surgery, medication, and prosthetic devices. For example, if you carried a Riverside passenger and a truck crashed into you, and you find that your legs are moderately amputated, you may need surgery or even more than one surgery. You may need to rest in the hospital and be fitted for prosthetic legs. You may need assistive devices. You may not be able to work in any job again, or you might need vocational rehabilitation to get retrained for a desk job because you are permanently partially disabled. You should be able to acquire disability reimbursements. The degree of loss you experience as an outcome of amputation injuries will govern the paybacks to which you’re entitled. There are diverse ways of calculating permanent partial disability benefits. One method of calculation constitutes 2/3 of the difference between your former wage and what you currently earn.

Lyft may raise a strong resistance to paying you the reimbursements for which you’re eligible. Even when you receive the full amount of reimbursements to which you’re authorized, they may not completely make up for the amputation of a limb. Nevertheless, you may be able to recover damages in a third-party lawsuit.


Workers’ compensation reimbursements do not cover the entirety of a worker’s losses. If your amputation is the consequence of a car accident, you may be able to obtain damages by filing a lawsuit against an at-fault driver or other entity. In most cases, you’ll need to establish another driver’s negligence, which means you’ll need to show it’s more likely than not: (1) the other driver owed you a duty to use reasonable care, (2) the driver departed from the duty to use reasonable care, (3) causation, and (4) actual damages.


Amputation injuries for Lyft drivers can be dramatic and life-changing. Lyft and its insurer may fight to pay you the reimbursements to which you’re eligible. Rideshare companies and insurers typically have much greater resources than their drivers, and their attorneys may make arguments you’re not sure how to counter in order to safeguard profits at the same time, avoid paying benefits.
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