Workers Comp for Workers With Two Jobs

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Workers Comp for Workers With Two Jobs


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Workers compensation includes advantages such as disability payments, medical bills and other work-related injuries. As per the law, the accidents that occur during the work are entitled to Workers Comp benefits. The coverage starts from the time the employees take up their job, and it is also applied to employees who do dual jobs. There may be a problem while calculating the average wage of such employees, but the law promises benefits for everyone who are injured at work. The workers comp attorneys at The Law Offices of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer understand the significance of monetary compensation for a severe job-related injury. We help employees with two jobs, to pursue their workers comp benefits.

Workers Comp For Workers With Two Jobs

Usually, the employees with more than one job doubt about their entitlement to workers comp benefits. The employees have to inform their employers about their second job. If they fail to mention it, the workers comp insurer may decline your compensation claim. Employees may be qualified to claim compensation from both the jobs, depending on the seriousness of work injury.

To avail these dual work benefits, an employee must prove that the employer related to the injury’s workplace, is aware of the second job of the employee. And the employer should not have denied the employee’s second job. If these conditions are met, then the employee benefits from both jobs.

In determining the workers comp for workers with two jobs, their average weekly wage is important. If the cumulative wage of that employee is high, he receives higher benefits.

What if the workers’ comp insurer is unaware of the employee’s second job? Then, the compensation from both the jobs isn’t guaranteed. The employee may only be entitled to workers compensation from only the job related to his injury. And only that employer is responsible for the compensation. Hence, the workers’ comp for workers with two jobs will be less for the injured employee.

In case, if the injury doesn’t affect the employee’s performance in the second job, he may be only entitled to temporary partial disability benefits. But, not entitled to temporary total disability benefits.

If the employee’s injury didn’t stop him from working at either place, he is considered as ‘not completely disabled’. Then, his benefits are limited and not guaranteed. He is only entitled to workers compensation when his working ability is affected and thus if his earnings drop drastically after the injury. The injured employee can enjoy his benefits as long as he is fully recovered and return to his jobs.

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Workers’ comp for workers with two jobs can only be claimed under specific conditions. In case of any job-related injury for you or your loved ones, call us and win your rights.

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