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Workers’ Compensation for Truck Injuries


The Truck drivers may face severe injuries during accidents. Irrespective of their position, or role, they are always prone to dangers as their lives are unexpected on highways of America. The law states that these workers are to be compensated for their injuries, by their employer i.e. the Truck Companies. If the workers claim for workers’ compensation following a work injury, the employers have to provide medical costs, disability payments, along with the wages that are missed due to the work injury. The Law Offices of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer has a team of skilled Workers comp attorneys who can fight for the injured Truck drivers and help them win their rights and medical benefits for which they are legally entitled.

In the course of their employment, Truck drivers and workers at Truck companies suffer injuries which affect their working ability and in a way, their financial status. The injuries might require health care and medical costs for the employee and economic care for his/her dependents. Some of the common driver injuries are shoulder injuries, injuries during servicing and carrying loads, road-accidental injuries etc.

One of the common problems Truck drivers’ workers comp claim is when the employer’s physician has to treat the injured worker. The complexity arises when the physician ignores the work injury and recommends the worker to resume his work despite the pain and suffering. The employee or the driver may be under a partial or temporary disability and the physician might not consider it as a serious injury, in favor of the employer. To solve this, the law says that the employee has the right to choose his own physician. The employer can utmost make a panel of physicians as a catalog for the injured driver to choose.

Most of the Truck injuries occur when the drivers live outside their hometown. Yet, they can file and claim workers’ compensation case according to the law of their home-state. The primary factors that determine if the employee is eligible for workers’ compensation according to his state law are 1) is he hired in his own state? 2) is he injured within his state? 3) is his place of employment is within the state?

The injured Truck drivers often complain about repetitive trauma, spinal cord disc damage and shoulder injuries. All of these are compensable injuries. Without the Truck drivers’ workers’ comp benefits, it’s almost impossible to bear the expensive treatments for these injuries. The drivers need professional medical support for fast and easy recovery.


If you or your loved ones are suffering from Truck injuries, remember that the injured Truck drivers are entitled to recover worker comp benefits which include medical care and other benefits. Before it’s too late, call us and win your rights.

We helped many Truck Drivers and employees in Truck Companies in the State of California and the Riverside and San Bernadino counties, which includes the surrounding communities of Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Temecula, and Palm Springs. Free Consultation offered for all Truck Drivers’ Workers Compensation cases, all Work Related injuries, and all Personal Injuries. Contact us today at (951) 275-0111.

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