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27 Apr 22

Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer’s workers’ compensation attorneys are here to support any healthcare worker who gets incapacitated while in their line of duty. In a global context, every healthcare workers experience numerous jeopardies every day, including contaminated needles or misplaced equipment. For instance, you deserve reimbursement if you have suffered an injury while attending to patients or fulfilling other hospital duties. The injuries can be both minor or major, but that will not make any difference.

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General Wounds and Challenges

The healthcare work predominantly undergoes circumstances that cause fatigue and strain to get intense over long hours; nurses, doctors, attendants, and specialists are in great danger of various injuries. It could start with muscle and back strain from lifting equipment or patients, slips and falls on spilled fluids or in-the-way equipment, sharp blades and needles, frequently contaminated with bodily fluids or medication, contact with drugs and toxic items, exposure to biohazards, including bodily fluids and diseases, respiratory threats including gas hazards, or even x-rays and radioactive material. These are the prominent reasons that make it evident that hospitals should take extra care in creating safety precautions for all healthcare workers.

Nevertheless, hospital injuries are still recurrent. Whether an injury seems minor, such as a strained back or sore muscles, you should still seek medical attention instantly. In addition, you may be workers’ compensation reimbursements for your injury.

Available Paybacks

If you got hurt while employed in a hospital work setting, and if your injury was caused by fulfilling your duties, your employer is indebted to your workers’ compensation benefits. Your hospital has an obligation to safeguard you from risks and uphold the safety of all employees; in case they fail in that duty, they have a responsibility to pay for it. The workers’ compensation benefits include:

  • Medical care expenses that include medication and doctor visits
  • Physical therapy
  • Incapacity and deformity
  • Time wastage at work due to injuries

In addition to workers’ compensation reimbursements, you could also be due damages for personal injury.

  • Wounds and suffering
  • Income loss
  • Lost earning capability
  • Weakened quality of life

Interestingly, personal injury lawsuits encompass more investigation and watchful planning than workers’ compensation since liability wouldn’t lie with your employer. Please note that you cannot sue your employer for your injuries.

Looking for Legal Assistance

In case you get hurt while on the job, the foremost thing you should do is seek medical assistance and report the injury. Subsequently, obtain legal help. Workers’ compensation law has several pitfalls and complexities, and your employer can smoothly use those against you. Involving an experienced workers’ compensation attorney on your side will safeguard you to avoid the loopholes and hurdles insurance companies will throw at you.

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