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How Social Media impacts your Workers Comp Claim?

4 Apr 20

Social Media could be the kiss of death for an injured worker who posts on the internet too much personal information and pictures of activities. The insurance company reads these postings and will use them against you.

Social Media is a platform that connects people around the world. Social Media has come a long way and grown to a lot of different platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on, where people feel comfortable to share anything even stuff related to their day to day life.

Nowadays, being active in social media and connecting to people has become too common. However, social media has started working as a stress buster to the employees, as they take short breaks during work to check their mobile phones.

Nevertheless, it became imperative to keep a check on what you post on social media, especially if you have an open Workers Comp Claim.

How can your activity in Social Media affect your claim?

If you are the type of person, who posts every tidbit of his/ her life on social media, on the other hand, you also have an open Injured Workers Compensation Claim, in such case you should be careful about what you are posting on your social media page, because most of the insurance firms look for ways that they can utilize to decrease injured Workers Compensation.

Your worker’s comp claim can be impacted negatively or even can be denied, and this could be proved by any of your social media posts, which tells that you are not acting consistently with the reported injury.

For instance, you are hurt while working and have filed a worker’s comp claim against your employer. On the contrary, you have posted some images of you (it can be anything and can be taken at any point in time), as your picture while partying, helping a person, a vacation image, anything.

Then the chances are 100% that the insurance companies will take the reference of these images, and showcase them in court that you claim that you are injured and filed a workers comp claim, on the other hand, you are partying, helping others, or on vacation.

This is not where it stops, while there are some other things that can be taken into account. Like your daily update, grocery shopping posts, images of you where you are on your porch doing physical activity, it may seem very tiny to us, but these can be utilized to raise negative flags.

Well, we do understand that filing a worker’s comp doesn’t mean you should be sad, hospitalized, or bed-ridden. Still, however, with the help of your active social media site, the insurance companies may try to portray that you are fit, and bluffing the whole injury.

Why is it better not to post anything?

While you are going through this injured worker’s Comp claim and fighting for the compensation, it is suggested not to post anything on social media for a few days.

There are several things that you should avoid posting while you are fighting for workers’ comp claims. The essential type of post that you should avoid posting on your social media is an image or video that is related to any physical activity.

For instance, you are hurt while working, and it is a bad physical injury, and you are seeking all the medical attention required. Well, at the same time, you posted an image or video where you are exercising, gyming, or playing a sport.

The insurance company will surely see this and claim that you are not injured and just claiming or bluffing to be hurt, and it can also portray that you don’t want to get fit and you are looking to increase the compensation.

With this kind of condition, there is a guaranteed chance that your claim will be rejected.

Rethink before you post

If you think you are too addicted to social media and can’t get off a day without posting anything on social media. However, you have an ongoing workers comp claim, then it is the time to get off the social media until the claim settles.

The chances are too high that everything that you post on your social media will be carefully analyzed by insurance companies, which can question your credibility. Stop doing these things immediately:

  • Including in adult beverages,
  • Constant venting and including the swearings
  • Sharing details about previous lawsuits in social media
  • Extremely bragging and exaggerating about your pain
  • Talking or posting badly about the other party
  • Comments where you are accepting that you are somewhat or partially responsible for the injury.
  • Comments or posts that question your medical stability.
  • Keep away your friends and family members from posting anything on social media.

All the things that help the insurance companies deny your claim is better to take down. The best approach is to remove the previous posts that might help the insurers deny your claim and not to post anything in your social media until the claim is settled.

The insurance company stakes you.

The insurance company keeps a close eye on whatever you do. You try to receive the worker’s compensation for your injury, while the insurance companies find different ways and reasons to reduce or not pay the benefit.

There are certain cases where the insurance companies hired a private investigator to keep an eye on your behavior, which includes private life and social media life.

Even if you are not posting images or videos or posts in social media, the investigator can take pictures of you carrying heavy things, like carrying kids, or bags, or doing any physical labor around the house. All these things provide evidence to insurance companies that you are not injured and just pretending to be injured.


With this, it is clear that your social media life is very crucial to the insurance companies. Any activity in your social media is evidence of the insurance companies.

In an active workers comp claim, every step you take is being watched. It becomes very crucial to understand the situation and should avoid doing all those things that are an Evidence to the insurer.

If you faced an injury while at work and the insurers denied compensation, then it’s time for you to seek help from the experienced Workers Comp Lawyer.

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