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If you are reading this, you need Dr Peter Schaeffer.

4 Jun 18

Work injuries are a freaking nightmare. They are profoundly life changing and life affecting in the worst way possible. I thought I could keep my career with a disability and so I followed the corporate guidelines and kept working. I would have lost everything. I called Dr. Peter Schaeffer. He was not soft and gentle but that’s not what’s needed. I needed a lawyer who will fight and win. He fought for me. I don’t mean to sound preachy but I am difficult and he made himself available and stood up for my rights as a worker’s comp claimant. Call Dr Peter Schaeffer before you get canned for sleeping on the job or taking pain killers and causing accidents that may get you prison time and lose your professional law or RN, or CPA license. Meet with him before things get strange. Trust me.


Did you consider third-party liability?
2 Mar 23

Did you consider third-party liability?

If an employee sustains an industrial injury while working, they can receive workers' compensation benefits from their employer regardless of fault or negligence. However, in certain cases, the employee may hav

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The Risk of On-the-Job Injuries for Janitors
16 Feb 23

The Risk of On-the-Job Injuries for Janitors

The dangers of the workplace for janitors cannot be ignored. Despite the efforts of the social movement Justice for Janitors, which began in 1985 and is organized under the Service Employees International Union

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