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Injured at Work? What to do?

8 Jun 18

Work Injury is when you fall ill or face an injury during the work or if your job is responsible for your damaged health. When you face a work injury, the steps you need to follow are:

  • 1)Medical Treatment: Get the medical treatment immediately after your injury. Except for emergencies, usually, the treatment centers are suggested by an authorized Workers’ Compensation Board. If you need diagnosis medicines or tests, then your employer has to give the Workers’ Compensation. If the employer doesn’t cooperate with the employee’s Compensation, then it’s a criminal offense. He has to pay for your medical bills, diagnostic tests, prescriptions and treatments.
  • 2)Inform your Employer: As soon as you’re injured at work, you have to bring the issue to your Employer’s notice. You need to explain How and When it occurred, clearly. If an injured Worker doesn’t inform his employer within the first 30 days after the injury date, he cannot defend himself and fight for his rights as an Employer who doesn’t inform, in writing, within the specified period will lose right for his Compensation benefits.
  • 3)Claim to a Workers’ Comp Board: You have to complete a claim to your nearest Workers’ Comp Board within two years from the date of the accident. If the injured worker fails to complete the claim, within the specified time limit, he might lose the right to his Workers’ Compensation benefits.
  • 4)Take Care: After filing, you need to follow the doctor suggestions to recover yourself from the injury. You’ve to be regular for your medical tests that are required and Take Care for a speedy recovery. You’ve to see that you can get back to your work as soon as possible.
  • 5)Attend Hearings: As the Workers’ Compensation is under action, you might be needed to attend few hearings, which is common in case of any disputes. You will be informed the dates of hearing prior.

Thus, Workers’ Compensation will eventually benefit you, medically and financially.

The Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board

Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board aka WCAB handles all industrial injuries which cannot be resolved through negotiation, that involve your employer. WCAB is the trial court that oversees administrative law proceedings that are linked to workers compensation claims. There is no jury, unlike in other courts. Your workers’ comp judge will make all the decisions once your case goes to trial. Sometimes there workplace injuries that involve third-party lawsuits, such as when equipment manufacturers or other entities are implicated in an accident. In such situations, you have recourse to civil courts which are outside of and in addition to any claims you are filing through the workers’ compensation insurance system.

When new cases are addressed, your Workers’ Comp lawyer will start a formal claim with your Administrator or Employer’s insurance carrier. Until your attorney asks for a hearing to resolve issues which cannot be solved by the insurance carrier, WCAB cannot take a step further on your claim.


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