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6 May 22


Lyft is a rideshare service that is part of the show-off economy. There are several individuals who prefer to contact Lyft rather than drive their own car or take a bus or taxi. Classifying drivers as independent contractors are advantageous for Lyft. It means they won’t need to address over time any employment assistance or workers’ compensation reimbursements. They won’t need to oblige laws that are applicable only to employees. There are several advantages for a worker classified as an independent contractor in the show economy, too, including flexibility of the schedule. Nevertheless, being classified as an independent contractor can cause complications for an injured Lyft driver.


Lyft drivers can be wounded in different ways. They might get hurt due to the worsening of a pre-existing injury, such as a disc herniation or hip problem. They may also be bruised in car accidents while driving a passenger. Subsequent to a car crash, it can impact having cuts, traumatic brain injury, fractures, bruising, internal bleeding, spinal cord damage, or even death. When the wounds are the outcome of an accident with another car, the Lyft driver may be able to register a case against the other driver for reimbursements. The Lyft driver, as a plaintiff in a personal injury lawsuit, would need to justify the other driver’s mistake. At certain times, there are other parties who are also responsible. Nevertheless, lawsuits take a long time.

Similarly, what if it’s the Lyft driver who is at obligation about the car crash? In that case, under a lawsuit, he or she will not be able to regain anything. The Riverside workers’ compensation system was implemented so that workers could receive redress despite the hassle and cost of a lawsuit against their employer. These are by following an on-the-job injury so that they could regain reimbursements without proving anyone’s accountability.

The workers categorized as employees can obtain workers’ compensation reimbursements. On the other hand, independent contractors are unable to. This is the reason if you are injured as an independent contractor, it is wise to refer an attorney familiar with this developing area of law. Since employers do wrongly categorize some workers, speaking with a lawyer who keeps up with fluctuations in this area can support you in understanding your legal rights.


In a general context, defining a claimant’s employment status, the Riverside Workers’ Compensation Act uses the definition of “employee” mentioned in the Employment Classification Act, which turned out to be active in the construction industry as of January 1, 2008. The Employment Classification Act includes an upgraded version of the test used by Riverside courts to control a worker’s employment status.


In case you are an injured Lyft driver, there are authentic paybacks to being able to prove you are an employee under the applicable test. You may be able to get medical reimbursements, disability assistance, and vocational rehabilitation. Disability assistance can address both temporary and permanent injuries. If, for instance, you met with a car crash in which you are accountable, however, you were paralyzed in such a way that you can never drive again. At the same time, if you have been deemed an employee, you may be eligible for a variety of reimbursements.


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