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10 May 22


Numerous people believe that there are benefits to the show-off economy. Among these reimbursements is that workers have greater flexibility. Nevertheless, a crucial disadvantage is that employers can sidestep all the laws that have been put in place to safeguard employees by misclassifying their workers as independent contractors. Lyft may wrongly categorize you in order to avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits to which you are entitled. If you are worried about lost wages as an injured Lyft driver, you may be able to receive reimbursements despite a misclassification. Nevertheless, it can be an uphill battle to obtain these benefits. The experienced Riverside workers’ compensation attorneys of Perris, Sun City, Corona, Temecula, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Hemet, Victor Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Indio Brawley can hypothetically provide legal representation in your claim for reimbursements after an injury.


Frequently rideshare drivers are in great danger of being injured due to a car accident, monotonous injury, or another incident. You should not be totally convinced that Lyft’s classification of you as an independent contractor is perfect, even if you signed a contract due to that impact. In Riverside, the ABC test is used to analyze whether a worker should be categorized as an employee rather than an independent contractor. Factors to be taken into consideration under this test include how much influence Lyft exercises over you if at all your work is part of Lyft’s core business. At the same time, if at all you’re engaged in another independently created driving profession or business.

If Lyft informs you how to do your job, not just what job to do, there may be a strong debate that you are an employee of Lyft. A committed workers’ compensation lawyer can analyze your work situation to analyze whether you may be able to claim an employment relationship.


As a wounded Lyft driver, you may be worried about wages lost due to reason of your incapability to drive. If you are authorized to be an employee of Lyft, you can obtain workers’ compensation reimbursements following a work injury, inclusive of wage replacement in the form of partial or total disability reimbursements. Those that are provisionally but totally disabled by a work injury are authorized to temporary total disability reimbursements. These reimbursements are 2/3 of your average weekly wage. The standard weekly wage is your gross pay during the 52 weeks earlier you were injured, divided by 52. You won’t receive payment towards the provisional total disability assistance until you miss three days of work because of the injury. So, for instance, if your herniated disc is intensified by your job and you need three days off to rest your spine, however after that, you go back to work, you would not get disability pay for those days. Nevertheless, if you can’t work for 14 days due to a herniated disc that was aggravated by your job, you can retroactively receive assistance for the first three delayed days.

If you’re not able to return to your job driving due to the reason that you’ve reached maximum medical development and you have permanent medical limitations, you may need to search for a different job. The new job may pay you less than your earlier job. Otherwise, you may not be able to work at all. If you need to take a lower-paying job due to permanent limitations, you may be able to receive wage differential reimbursements. The following is 2/3 of the difference between what you would be creating in your prior job comparison to what you can make in a new job. You can obtain the wage differential benefit for five years or until you are 67-years-old, whichever represents a long phase.

In case you are a Lyft driver who is for all time and totally disabled because you’ve lost the capability to use both your feet, both your hands, both your eyes or two other body parts. Still, you can get a weekly reimbursement of 2/3 of your average weekly wage. Additionally, you will also be entitled to cost of living adjustments.


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