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15 May 22


Cartilage is a connective, rubbery, and flexible tissue that serves as a cushion between joints. It firmly holds bones together, minimizes friction, assists in supporting weight, and at the same time serves to support other tissues. Cartilage injuries can impact joint pain, inflammation, or stiffness, which makes it difficult to work. Generally, cartilage damage requires proper treatment. In case there is no blood supply to cartilage, means it can take longer for cartilage to heal from hurt than other tissues with blood supply. If you have experienced a cartilage injury as a Lyft driver, you may find it difficult to continue to work. A skilled Riverside workers’ compensation attorney can analyze your potential capability to make a claim for reimbursements.


As a Lyft driver, you may experience cartilage injuries as an impact of the repetitive motions of driving or due to the reason of acute injury getting caused due to a car accident. A generic cartilage injury is to the articular cartilage in the knee that covers the ends of the knee bones; at the same time can be damaged through direct impact, twisting, pivoting, or simply by being worn down.

During certain times pieces of cartilage break away and turn loose bodies in the knee. Articular cartilage injuries can impact critical pain at the same time and can make driving beyond impossible. This type of wound can be corrected through appropriate treatment. There are non-operative treatments that result in the transformation in your behavior at the same time, resting and perhaps losing weight, at the same time NSAIDs and cortisone injections. Viscosupplementation is used at times.

Younger patients may be suggested to undergo surgery if they are unable to gain relief through non-operative treatment. There are varied types of surgery that may be accomplished. In a chondroplasty, a surgeon can normalize the damaged articular cartilage. The reason is to ensure there are no pieces irritating the joint. In other instances, it may be appropriate to do a microfracture to boreholes in the area with a wound to combat scar tissue to fill in the injury site.


You might predict that you cannot obtain workers’ compensation reimbursements as a Lyft driver due to the reason that you signed an employment agreement stating that you are an independent contractor and are therefore not eligible for workers’ compensation assistance. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to discuss your situation with a workers’ compensation attorney.

In Riverside, courts focus on the ABC test. The test requires consideration of a range of factors to analyze if a worker is an employee or else an independent contractor. However, Lyft’s categorization of you as a worker is not a conclusive word. Instead, a court will look at multiple aspects, inclusive of the degree of control Lyft exercises over your work additionally, whether your work falls outside its core business, at the same time, if at all you’re doing another independently established job, among other things. If Lyft is suggesting to you how to do your job, you can sensibly make a debate that you are a Lyft employee for the purpose of obtaining workers’ compensation reimbursement. Note that this is a growing area of law, and it is indistinct how a court would justify an assertion of this nature.

If you are declared to be an employee, the nature of your cartilage injury will result in what types of workers’ compensation reimbursements are appropriate in your case. Workers’ compensation assistance can include medical bills, disability pay, and professional therapy. The amount of paybacks to which you’re authorized depends on the nature and extent of your cartilage injuries. For example, if surgery is reasonably compulsory to treat your injuries. The workers’ compensation insurance may pay for surgery. In case you cannot work for a year, you may be entitled to provisional total disability reimbursements.


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