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24 May 22


Lyft is recognized as one of the ridesharing programs that provide drivers with more suppleness in their work schedules and the possibility to earn more money. Nevertheless, Lyft doesn’t categorize its drivers as employees. In case the worker experiences wounds in a car accident or in another way during working, Lyft’s insurance company may reject benefits. A seasoned Riverside workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in proclaiming your rights if you are hurt while working as a Lyft driver.


The critical concern in a workers’ compensation claim is to justify whether the rideshare driver should get classified as an employee or an independent contractor. Frequently employees are provided access to workers’ compensation reimbursements in case of a workplace accident. Even though an independent contractor or a partner, which may be how a Lyft driver is classified, is not. While the show economy permits flexibility, some employers try to misclassify workers as independent contractors precisely to evade making payments to the workers’ compensation reimbursements and shift the burden of paying taxes. When you have rejected workers’ compensation reimbursements as a Lyft driver, you may assume you need to pay for your medical care and suffer the wage loss without choice.

Nevertheless, Lyft may be confusing you by calling you an independent contractor. Some lower state courts have approved that where a ridesharing company controls your job performance, sets your ride fares, and maintains what you can say to passengers, you may get classified as an employee. On the contrary, certain federal court judges have found otherwise, so hiring an experienced workers’ compensation attorney who keeps up with court rulings is wise. The California Supreme Court has apprehended that it was inappropriate to categorize the driver as an independent contractor in a case involving a delivery driver for a courier service. It implemented the ABC test, in which an employer making an attempt to justify someone is an independent contractor needs to demonstrate that the alleged contractor is serving without having control of any company.

The independent contractor is a self-determining professional involved in facilitating services to companies separately from the one at issue. The service that is made available is not within the employers’ core business. When the test gets executed, certain factors get well-thought-out. For instance, whether your job duties are outside the common course of the employers’ business and up to what extent you are to be able to control your position under the employer. Is it that you’re involved in an independently created business, trade, otherwise occupation of a similar kind of work, at the same the potential for profit or loss.

Riverside adopted the ABC Test earlier than its adoption by the California Supreme Court. Even though your employment agreement may say a different context, you should analyze the relationship according to the ABC factors. The possibility is that the ridesharing drivers can’t set or negotiate the fare, need to meet precise standards when driving, and at the same time need to follow particular routes. The ridesharing company has noteworthy command over the work.


Lyft’s insurer bears the pressure of showing you are not an employee at a hearing beforehand the Riverside Workers’ Compensation Commission. It must justify:

(1) Lyft doesn’t regulate how you drive and work
(2) You also have a unique job separate from driving for Lyft
(3) Lyft’s habitual business doesn’t contain driving

If Lyft’s insurer isn’t able to create this at a hearing, you can obtain workers’ compensation reimbursements for your hand injuries. An experienced lawyer can advocate on your behalf to establish your eligibility for workers’ compensation assistance. It’s significant to give notice about your hand injuries to Lyft, even if you think it knows through an accident report or other means of the accident. It’s sensible to deliver this notice as soon as possible, even though you have 45 days from the injury. If you miss delivering notice within the time limits, you may be banned from obtaining paybacks.


If you can justify the fact that you are an employee, you should be able to get reimbursements in a Lyft drivers’ workers’ compensation claim due to injuries sustained on the job. For instance, in case you are driving a passenger to the airport and another driver crashes into your car, putting you into a phase of paralyzing, you may be able to obtain workers’ compensation reimbursements through Lyft’s workers’ compensation insurer. The benefits may be inclusive of medical benefits, disability benefits, and vocational rehabilitation. In a general context, workers’ compensation benefits are not that substantial. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to give closer attention to what occurred to regulate whether there are valid possibilities and prove to introduce a third-party lawsuit against the other driver in the accident and at the same time bring a workers’ compensation claim.

The Law Office of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer handles both personal injury and workers’ compensation claims and will judge all probable ways for regaining.


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