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Teachers and On the Job Injuries: More than Meets the Eye

13 Feb 23

The Challenges of Teaching

Teachers play a vital role in shaping the lives of their students, but the profession also presents many challenges, such as dealing with difficult students, unhealthy classroom environments and unrealistic expectations from school administrators and parents. These challenges can escalate to the point where the lives of educators are at risk.

Toxic Exposure:

Toxins in the school environment can include fumes, mold, pests, and dust. These toxins can enter the body through ingestion, skin or eye absorption, and inhalation, and can lead to acute or chronic health effects. These can include headaches, skin rashes, loss of memory, and even cancer. It is important for those affected by toxic exposure in the workplace to seek representation from an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.

Acts of Violence:

Violence against teachers is on the rise and has reached crisis levels. According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, 80% of teachers have been victimized at least once in the current or prior school year. Educators can be victims of assaults, shootings, lockdowns, stabbings, and threats of injury or death. Perpetrators can include students, parents, and members of the community.

Job-Induced Stress:

Stress is a common cause of workplace injuries in schools. Teachers must play many roles, such as nurse, babysitter, security guard, educator, mentor, and role model. Stress can be caused by a hostile work environment, overcrowded classrooms, aging schools, lack of materials, lack of time to prepare, poor ergonomics, and discrimination. It is important for teachers suffering from job-induced stress to seek representation from an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney.

If you are a teacher who has suffered an on the job injury and are looking to file a Workers’ Comp claim, it can be a complicated process. This is the time to seek the help of a Workers’ Compensation lawyer who can guide you and advise you on how to proceed.

At the Law Office of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer, we have experienced attorneys who can provide the necessary legal support for on the job injuries, including those suffered by teachers. Our law firm is considered one of the best in California, with offices located throughout the state in cities such as Riverside, Perris, Sun City, Corona, Temecula, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Hemet, Victor Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Indio Brawley.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information on Workers’ Compensation and to receive a consultation from one of our experienced attorneys. We are committed to helping our clients receive the support and benefits they are entitled to when suffering from on the job injuries.

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