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8 Oct 21

Employee’s who in the food and beverages industry can eliminate the menace of getting injured if they follow appropriate knife safety protocols and avoid burns.

While effectively functioning in the foodservice industry in Riverside, people have to be quick on their feet. Furthermore, understanding appropriate safety measures is an integral part of an effective and accident-free work environment. Whether on the floor in the restaurants or in the food preparation area, there are sharp objects and hot surfaces that need to be handled safe and sound.

Safe and sound handling of sharp knives

The National Food Service Management Institute recommends food service employees obey some fundamental knife safety rules. To be safer from cuts or accidental amputations, it is advisable to follow the rules, especially by persons working with knives:

1. Food should be cut on a cutting board, not while being held in hand. In addition, cutting boards should be positioned so that they won’t slide around when being used. A significant way of getting this done is to place a damp cloth beneath the cutting board.

2. Fingers should be kept in the distance when holding food at the same time; people should never cut food that is in their hands. Interruption such as conversation should be directed away from when cutting with a sharp knife. Individuals walking with sharp cutting knives should always hold a knife with the blade facing away from the body and the tip down. The handle should carry it. Ensure not to run with a knife or sharp object. Sharp knives hidden under soapy water can be hazardous. Knives should be instantaneously washed and put away and shouldn’t be kept idle inside a filled sink.

3. Whether someone is carrying plates of food, cutting food as a cook or food preparer, or washing dishes in the dish room, sharp objects should be handled safely.

Stay away from scalds and burns while working with hot surfaces

According to work safety site WorkSafeBC, the No. 4 danger that young workers experience is burning in the foodservice industry. This can comprise touching hot metal without a hot pad, getting in touch with hot grease on the skin, or steam burns. Young and old workers in a similar way should ensure enough caring towards the protection of their hands. Transport containers packed with hot grease gradually and steadily can assist workers in avoiding these kinds of wounds. When opening a steam cooker or a pan with boiling liquid, people should, for all time, ensure to keep their skin and face under absolute clarity from the steam that will be released.

At the same time, when all safety protocols are followed, accidents can still take place. Those who are wounded on the job have all the rights to file a workers’ compensation claim. Taking advice from a highly experienced Riverside worker’s compensation lawyer is an excellent first step to finding out about the available benefits you may be entitled to.

The Insurance companies will utilize expertise of a Private Investigator if you have filed a Workers Compensation Claim. The only intention of hiring a Private Investigator is to provide evidence that your injury is not at all work related or caused by your employment, which could ultimately save them money. Which in the end could prevent them from having to provide you, the injured worker with the benefits you are entitled.

If you have been injured at work, notify your employer immediately, no matter how small or large the injury is. Claims can be denied by the insurance company for not reporting them promptly to the employer.

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