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Vocational Rehabilitation for Injured Lyft Drivers

26 May 22


If you drive for Lyft and have turned paralyzed for a long-term phase due to a work injury, you may be undergoing a panacea about your possibilities. You may already sign an agreement with Lyft mentioning that you are not an employee, and that’s why you may be worried that you’re not entitled to the types of paybacks employees get, inclusive of workers’ compensation reimbursement such as vocational rehabilitation. Nevertheless, Lyft doesn’t have the last word on whether you’re an employee entitled to these benefits or not. You can consult an experienced Riverside workers’ compensation attorney about your capability to seek vocational rehabilitation as an injured Lyft driver. We can undertake a detailed review concerning your case to assist you in recognizing all of the pertinent facts, at the same time, assist you you analyze whether you may be successful in seeking benefits.


Riverside courts have adopted the ABC test to determine whether a worker has been wrongly categorized as an independent contractor. Factors to be accepted based on this test:

  • Whether Lyft manages or directs you in performing services such as driving
  • Whether the service you deliver falls within the usual course of business for Lyft
  • Whether you are also associated with another independently established trade or business

Being an injured Lyft driver, you could potentially be considered an employee under the ABC test, even though it is not clear how a court would justify this issue.If you are declared to be an employee injured on the job, you should be eligible for workers’ compensation reimbursements such as vocational rehabilitation, which assists you in becoming trained to do a different job. This type of support may be appropriate if you’re not able to return to your former job due to certain paralyzes arising out of your work-related injuries, but you’re still able to work. For instance, if your job involves driving, vocational rehabilitation assistance can be critical if you can no longer drive for commuted time periods due to a damaged disc you suffered in a car accident. As another example, this assistance could be serious if you can no longer drive due to the reason that you got in a work-related auto clash that impacted your right leg being amputated. You may also require to go through vocational rehabilitation if you get wounded during work, which minimizes your earning power. At the same time, evidence shows that this type of rehabilitation would elevate your earning capability. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can review your case to support you and evaluate whether it may be appropriate for you to pursue vocational rehabilitation.


Generally, vocational rehabilitation commences with an analysis of what your aspirations are for a job. At the same time, what are your medical and job requirements? This generally involves securing a medical opinion by a treating physician or health care provider that clarifies that you have permanent work restrictions. Vocational rehabilitation includes various services, including support for workers seeking diverse types of jobs and figuring out whether there are job modifications that are relevant for you. Additionally, job counseling and job placement. Through vocational rehabilitation, you can obtain further training or schooling to qualify for a job that you can pursue during the phase of your ongoing medical limitations. Your vocational rehabilitation reimbursements can also be inclusive of coverage for room and board, living expenses, and travel costs. As part of the process of pursuing vocational rehabilitation reimbursements, you are obligated to make an attempt to get a job and to be able to show that you couldn’t get a job with your physical limitations. If you don’t observe the program rules, your weekly paybacks could be terminated or minimized.


If you have questions about seeking vocational rehabilitation as an injured Lyft driver in Riverside, Perris, Sun City, Corona, Temecula, Moreno Valley, San Bernardino, Hemet, Victor Valley, Beaumont, Banning, Yucca Valley, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, and Indio Brawley.

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