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Why are Private Investigator hired in Worker’s comp claim?

6 Apr 20

SubRosa Video… the insurance company will use private investigators to follow and shadow injured workers to capture damaging evidence on film to show the injured worker is less than truthful about their injuries.

Most insurance company’s hire a private investigator to gather evidence against the injured employee. The private investigator gathers proof that the insurance company uses to deny or reduce the compensation of the worker.

Well, don’t get paranoid at all because this is entirely legal, as this is an effort taken by the insurers to ensure that the worker is injured and is not pretending. However, this serves as an attempt to invade someone’s personal life, but yes, in the end, it is legal.

If the question “Will I be followed by a Private Investigator hired by Insurance Company?” is lingering in your mind, then the answer is “Yes.” You may have concerns that they are invading your privacy. Being normal is the only thing one should follow, and don’t showcase something to them, which tells them that you are physically fit.

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When will these Workers Comp Private Investigators will follow you?

After you have filed the workers’ comp claim, the insurer will hire a Private Investigator> The Investigator can start keeping an eye on you anytime.

You will surely be under investigation if you have a vast Workers Comp claim, this mostly includes cases of permanent injuries or permanent partial injury. The investigator makes sure to find all the evidence for the insurance company which says that you are fit; this evidence will sum up you as a fraud.

Even if your case doesn’t have any negative flags, then there are 99% chances that the insurance company will hire a Private Investigator.

The evidence usually tries to prove that you aren’t severely injured or not at all wounded as reported, so that the compensation money is reduced or not at all being paid.

Do locking yourself at home and closing all the blinds will reduce the investigator’s interference?

While this can be an option, this option is not usually suggested. Sure, the private investigator must have seen a lot of people choosing to do this, and he/ she knows how to get the required evidence that he/ she is looking for.

Well, if you are sure enough that when you are locked in then there will not be any situations that will provide evidence to the investigator. Then it is too clear as the investigator will not get anything, just the images and videos of the locked-up house.

But to be clear, who wants a life like that where you have to hide from people.

In most of the injury cases, the physician tells you about what you should do and what you should not. If you are following all the recommendations made by your doctor, then you are good to go, and no one can use them against you.

Usually, the problem is when the injured people start doing those activities which are not recommended by the physician or exceed the recommendation.

Steps to remember if a Private Investigator is following you

  • Never, ever lie or exaggerate about your injury and the ongoing symptoms, all the activities that you can do, and you can’t. Apart from this while you are talking to the insurance company people make sure to use the statements that reflect your abilities. Like instead of saying, “I can’t bend,” say, “It hurts when I bend, so I’m limiting such kind of activities.”
  • Be mindful when you are speaking or going to a public place and take concern about how it can be portrayed. Like, you have an injury in which you should not carry heavy objects, but if you are doing the same, then this becomes evidence.
  • Social media, this platform is one of the prominent places where you need to be careful about what you are posting. Change all the settings, and make all the posts private, don’t accept requests from unknown people, don’t post anything that can behave as evidence.

What do the Private Investigators do, when they follow us?

Private Investigators adapt many tactics that they use to get the desired evidence, when they are hired by the insurance companies, in this some of the tactics are:

  • Video Surveillance: Investigators keep a very close look. They can even implant cameras in the areas where you usually move and take all the video footage and images, these all work as evidence, especially that footage or pictures where you are doing exactly opposite of what the doctor asked you not to do.
  • Direct Contacting: The Private Investigator can come to you directly and talk to you.
  • Personal Investigation: The chances are high that the investigator will talk to your family members and friends about you, your behavior, your injury, and so on.
  • Keen Surveillance: In some cases, it is seen that the investigator follows the injured and notices everything minutely all by themselves.
  • Online Surveillance: Without surveying this, no investigation is complete; these days, social media has become a massive part of all the people around the world. Investigators these days are very updated, even if you have your social media accounts set to private settings. Investigators are capable enough to know what your posts are. It is recommended to avoid accepting unknown people’s requests and don’t post anything on social media that serves as evidence for the insurance companies.


The Insurance companies will use a Private Investigator if you have filed for a Workers Compensation Claim. The only purpose of hiring a Private Investigator is to prove that your injury is less severe than you showcase or is not at all an injury, which will ultimately save their money. You get reduced or no compensation.

If you have filed or are looking to file Workers Comp Claim and don’t know how to go through it, then this is the time to call a workers compensation lawyer who will help you and advise you how to react when all this happens.

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