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26 Mar 19

Workers comp for construction site accidents

Construction workers face hazards in the workplace on a regular basis. It is common for severe injuries to occur on the job, & construction workers in California who suffer an injury in construction site accidents may file a workers’ comp claim for medical expenses and benefits.

At The Law Offices of Dr. Peter M. Schaeffer, we help injured workers get the compensation to which they may be entitled to. Our workers’ compensation attorneys represent workers who have been injured in a wide range of workplace accidents. And we have been handling these types of cases for many years.

Construction site accidents may cause severe damage

According to the Occupational Health Safety Administration’s (OSHA) regulations, the employers have to prescribe appropriate safety gear & equipment to prevent site accidents and falls. Fall protection measures may include safety harnesses, stair railings, and liners. Besides to fall protection, contractors must maintain work sites in a way that they are free of obvious dangers. Some of the common injuries suffered by construction workers include electrocution, falls, & power tool injuries. Working atop cranes and scaffolding can also threaten the safety of construction site workers. Sometimes, these may even result in severe injuries or death.

After being injured while working on a construction site, the injured workers may be qualified for workers’ compensation benefits under the Workers’ Compensation policy, California.

The workers’ comp system offers reimbursement for lost income, medical coverage, and other compensations to people who have been injured in an accident. If a construction site accident has ended in the death of a loved one, through workers’ compensation, the dependants of the deceased worker may claim the workers’ compensation benefits.

The fundamental step in pursuing a workers’ compensation claim is confirming the injured worker’s eligibility. It is important to note that an injured worker should have been hurt in the course & scope of employment. The injury must arise out of their job. In other words, it means that the employment or workplace is the sole cause of the injury. Additionally, in a timely manner, the injury must have been reported to the employer & also its insurer. Generally, the employer must meet the cost of medical care associated with the construction site injury.

There may be difficulties when applying for benefits, especially if the workers’ compensation insurer disputes that the worker’s accident was not job-related. The insurer might be trying to escape from the workers’ compensation insurance that he injured worker is entitled to. Medical coverage & treatment might be disputed as well. It is necessary for injured individuals to make a document of the medical records and other reports that explain the true scope of their harm, to prepare a powerful workers’ compensation claim and appeal any disputed coverage or advantages.

In some cases, construction site accidents may be caused by a third party, rather than the organization. General contractors, property owners, and engineers may have caused an injury by implementing faulty machines, or a defective safety-equipment. When a third party has provided to the damage, the injured employee may pursue a lawsuit against that party. As per the legal terms, they would show that the negligence of this third party has led to their injuries.

In some circumstances, a violation of an OSHA law may be proof of negligence. Taking immediate legal action after a construction site accident is very important, since construction site circumstances change every day, and evidence should be immediately gathered.

Examine your available Workers’ Comp benefits with us

We offer dedicated legal representation to workers who are injured on construction sites. As job injury attorneys, we can help you claim the workers’ compensation benefits that you are entitled to as per the law of California. If a third party has added to your injuries, we can assist you in pursuing a lawsuit for injuries, by maximizing your compensation. We have successfully handled many of the workers’ compensation cases.

Over the years, we helped many employees who are injured in construction site accidents, in the State of California and the Riverside and San Bernadino counties, which includes the surrounding communities of Riverside, Corona, Moreno Valley, Hemet, Temecula, and Palm Springs. Free Consultation offered for all Workers’ Compensation cases, all Work Related injuries, and all Construction site Injuries.

If you need a workers compensation attorney at the Riverside or a workers compensation attorney at Temecula, contact us today at (951) 275-0111.

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